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Flight Schools for Veterans

Flight schools are a separate entity from their connected college. The flight school is responsible for the actual flight lessons and ground school. The flight school will provide you a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) who guides you through your training, keep in mind, this may be your first employer when your training ends. Selecting a quality flight school is as important as the college program and maintaining a professional attitude and image is key to your initial job prospects upon graduation.

The college and flight school are connected, but they are not co-located, so understand that much of the paperwork or communication you have with one may need to be duplicated with the other.

The amount of flight school costs covered by your Veteran Education Benefits varies by percentage eligibility, you may incur some personal costs. 

Step 1

Download & Complete Contact Form & Checklist

Download the Contact Form & Checklist.

The remaining steps will provide you with the information on this form. This form is in addition to the other documents and provides the school with the knowledge they otherwise might not have until your arrival. This allows the school to have all the required information to get you flying as soon as possible.

You will upload this Contact Form & Checklist once you pick your flight school.

Downloadable Contact Form and Checklist
Step 2

Complete Flight School Application

Once you select your flight school. The individual flight school may have all the necessary application and any additional forms to complete on their individual page. If they do not, complete the listed Contact Form & Checklist and you will upload the required forms to the school directly from that flight schools page.

Step 3

Apply for an FAA Medical Certificate

Apply for an FAA Medical Certificate, visit our FAA Medical Certificate for a step by step guide through the application process.

Step 4

Apply for your FAA Student Pilot Certificate.

Apply for your FAA Student Pilot Certificate, visit the FAA IACRA page for a guide through the application process. This certificate is required prior to ANY solo flight. This may take several weeks to get approval, so we recommend you apply a month before you are set to start flying.

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