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College for Veterans

Attending a college-linked aviation program gives the benefit of an accredited degree along with the flight ratings, building a stronger resume for the future. Many flight programs are connected to a two-year associate’s degree. Generally a Bachelor’s degree is preferred by employers; however, it is not a barrier to getting a job and many associate degrees can be transferred to a four-year school at a later date if needed.

The application process for College is a little complex coming from the Military, because of transfer credits you may have earned in training. Keep reading and we will walk you through it all.

The majority of College costs will be covered by your Veteran Education Benefits; however, you may incur some personnel costs, so we recommend you also apply for Federal Grants.

Step 1

Complete Winged Aviation College Checklist

The information on this form is in addition to the other documents regarding the school and provides the school with the knowledge they otherwise might not have until your arrival. This form helps you, help them ensure you are ready for enrollment, registration and starting to fly.

Understand, the individual colleges may have certain timelines, expectations and additional requirements we MAY not be aware of.

You will provide this checklist to your Veteran Affairs Coordinator at your school to confirm you have completed all of the necessary steps.

Download Winged Aviation College Checklist
Step 2

Apply to College

Apply to college as a Transferring Student or New Student.

**The application fee may not be refunded by the VA.

This application process may vary the college.

**Keep in mind, the school has an 85/15 for Veteran Students, just because you are accepted DOES NOT mean you can fly. ensure you communicate with the Aviation Program Director and the Veteran Affairs Coordinator to ensure you are meeting all the deadlines, requirements and the school is accepting flight students.

Once you apply you should receive an email with your Student ID number, **KEEP THIS**, you will need it for everything moving forward.

Put your Student ID number on our checklist for your records and the schools.

Step 3


Determine how you are going to pay for college.
See our 
Veteran Education Benefits page and follow those steps.

You will need to list the school you are going to on your application for benefits, creating a link between you, the school and the VA. Once you apply for your Veteran Education Benefits you will receive a confirmation number & certificate of eligibility in the mail. KEEP THIS.

The majority of College costs will be covered by your Veteran Education Benefits; however, you may incur some personnel costs, so We recommend you also apply for Federal Grants- FASFA.

Have questions?

If you have additional questions about financing, please visit our FAQ Page. If you can’t find your answer there, reach out to the VA coordinator at your school.

Step 4

Military Transcripts

Request your Official Joint Transcripts or mail in a CCAF Transcript Request (Airforce).
This is a compiled list of all of the Military training you have completed during your time in the Military that may be turned into credit hours of college Classes.

Have questions?

Visit Military Transcripts for additional information about requesting your branch transcripts.

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